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TimeKeeper 2013®

Wow! Sign  Employee Time Keeping Solutions
ONLY $39.95

Employee Time Keeping Solutions

 TimeKeeper® always has the Correct Time

time All The Time time  Easy To Use
time Everyday time  Easy To Read
time Complete accuracy time  Does All The Math For You
time Completely Secure time  Tracks Vacation And Sick Time
time  Password Protected time  Password Protected Logon
time Vacation, Sick, Personal and Comp Time time  Touch Screen Compatible
time  Administrative Editing Functions time  Manager & Employee Print Options
time  No Mistake Time in, Time Out Punches time  Overtime Support
time  One Year FREE Phone Tech Support time  Simply the BEST in TimeKeeping

TimeKeeper® by STC Computers is a very unique digital Timekeeping system that will save your company time and money.  Our software offers the above outstanding features:

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TimeKeeper® is the Employee Time Management Software

New Version using Microsoft SQL Databases

ONLY $39.95 with 1 year Free Phone Tech Support.

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Our TimeKeeper® Software keeps track of employee time, vacation, holiday and other important time related issues

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